Using PHP and JavaScript to Design a Better Board Game

--Marcia Burrows (@thelogicalwoman)

Marcia Burrows is known for creating computer games, but recently her team of two at Goal Quest Games brought a board game from initial inspiration to publication in only 9 months. How? PHP and JavaScript. See how using PHP facilitated long-distance teamwork and helped a weak game develop into a better one. PHP / MySql enabled the team to easily coordinate updates to playing cards, and with JavaScript, updated board designs could be generated instantly. These methods allowed rapid prototyping and play-testing cycles. And, with this methodology Goal Quest Games will quickly adapt and publish a recently requested custom version. Attendees will learn the value of the rapid prototyping / play-testing cycle in game development as well as how to generate board images for print using JavaScript.

How PHP ticks

--Sara Golemon (@SaraMG)

A look into the internals of PHP; How it came to be, how it works, and how PHP 7 leapt far out in front of its predecessor on performance and memory consumption with some thoughts on what's next for PHP 8.

Using Our Superpowers For Good

--Eryn O'Neil (@eryno)

Technology has snuck into nearly every part of our lives, from electronic medical records to online bill-pay systems to apps that remember which craft beers you’ve tasted. We usually think of this technology as a tool, something as indifferent as a hammer or a ruler. But in a world where algorithms decide which version of the news you read or when you should turn left, pretending our software is detached is naive—or even dangerous. So, when so few technologists (that’s us) are creating software for use by so many (that’s nearly everyone else in the world), how can we do right by them? What responsibility do we have to use our skills for good? And how can we get this right when humans beings insist on being so varied and complicated and, well… human?

Join us in Seattle this September!

The Pacific Northwest PHP Conference is a 3-day event for web developers focused but not confined to PHP. In previous years have included world renowned and talented new speakers covering a range of topics like APIs, Frameworks, testing and version control.

This year we are looking forward to bringing together the rich and diverse talent of our community as speakers and attendees to share knowledge and inspiration.

We will dive deep into understanding technology, tools, and processes we all rely on, and explore a wide range technology and processes we are eager to get to know.