How PHP ticks

--Sara Golemon (@SaraMG)

A look into the internals of PHP; How it came to be, how it works, and how PHP 7 leapt far out in front of its predecessor on performance and memory consumption with some thoughts on what's next for PHP 8.

Let's Get Random: Under the Hood of PHP 7's CSPRNG

--Sammy Kaye Powers (@SammyK)

Randomness is really important in many cryptographic contexts. Unfortunately true randomness is a non-trivial achievement for computers. In fact, using weak sources of randomness can leave your application open to myriad vulnerabilities. Enter: a good cryptographically secure pseudorandom number generator (CSPRNG). We'll discuss the importance of using good sources of randomness, the CSPRNG options we had in PHP 5.x, and how the new-hotness CSPRNG functions in PHP 7 work under the hood.

And who would have thought, it FIGures.

--Sara Golemon (@SaraMG)

Wondering what goes on in the Framework Interoperability Group and why PHP Standards Recommendations matter to you? We'll take a look at the process your favorite PHP components use to cooperate with each other towards building consistent, interoperable components. We'll also take a short run through what PSRs already exist and have been widely adopted, and how you can make your voice heard guiding the future of the PHP ecosystem.

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