Modern and Secure PHP

--Ben Edmunds (@benedmunds)

This is not the PHP of old. Learn what's changed in the PHP world over the last few years. Classes, objects, statics, traits, unit testing, composer, password hashing; it's a whole new ballgame. Learn what has changed in the PHP world over the last several years. We'll cover The newest PHP language features. Community efforts such as the PHP Framework Interoperability Group, Composer, and PHP the Right Way. How to secure your application using up to date techniques.

Demystifying Object-Oriented Programming

--Alena Holligan (@sketchings)

Abstraction, Encapsulation, Polymorphism, Interfaces and Namespacing: whether you’ve been programming in PHP for years or are just starting your journey, these terms can be overwhelming. Learn what it take to be a "modern" PHP developer with real life examples of Object-Oriented terminology that will give you the experience to get your hands dirty.

And who would have thought, it FIGures.

--Sara Golemon (@SaraMG)

Wondering what goes on in the Framework Interoperability Group and why PHP Standards Recommendations matter to you? We'll take a look at the process your favorite PHP components use to cooperate with each other towards building consistent, interoperable components. We'll also take a short run through what PSRs already exist and have been widely adopted, and how you can make your voice heard guiding the future of the PHP ecosystem.

Join us in Seattle this September!

The Pacific Northwest PHP Conference is a 3-day event for web developers focused but not confined to PHP. In previous years have included world renowned and talented new speakers covering a range of topics like APIs, Frameworks, testing and version control.

This year we are looking forward to bringing together the rich and diverse talent of our community as speakers and attendees to share knowledge and inspiration.

We will dive deep into understanding technology, tools, and processes we all rely on, and explore a wide range technology and processes we are eager to get to know.